Real Estate Attorney

Your home probably your largest asset and the last thing you need are problems during or after the sale.

As your attorney, we represent your interests from the minute you decide to sell your home.

So what do we do for you as the Seller?




We will Market Your Home For You

  • As market specialist, we will handle the advertising and marketing of your home through our network of referrals as well as using online media and our pre-qualified buyers. All this is included at a pre-approved fee without the need for appointing a separate agent.
  • Your sales agreement will be drafted by us to ensure that you are fully protected.
  • At no additional charge we will ensure that the mortgage is cancelled and any other legal requirements are met.
  • Included in the set fee is any additional legal advice you may require regarding the sale of the property
  • We also maintain an up-to -date list of approved property specialists for inspections and services that you may require.
Real Estate Attorney
  • As your Real Estate Attorney we will attend to the closing of the sale
  • Deal with any problems that may occur during the closing process
  • Ensure that all documentation is correctly worded and signed
  • Complete the conveyancing process and make sure that the registration of transfer in the Deeds Office is completed at the purchasers cost


On completion of the sale we will;

  • Take instructions regarding any disputes at an additional cost
  • Deal with any litigation that might be arise as a result of the above-mentioned dispute
  • Assist you with drafting lease agreements or any other contracts that may be required, subject to a quote
Property Disputes

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